Dubai: The Gulf of Joy

Are you trying to decide where your next travel destination should be? Do you crave a taste of sheer luxury and extravagance?

If so, then you should definitely look into exploring Dubai, the Gulf of Joy. You could be spending your days in luxurious infinity pools that look out at the horizon and the sunset, or weave your way through underground aquariums. Dubai offers some of the most unique and stunning experiences in the world.

Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the United Arab Emirates, and it’s renowned across the world for its showcase of wealth and status. In this article, I’ll list out some of the most exciting, and perhaps unusual, things you can do in Dubai.

  1. Go Skiing in a Mall

Sand skiing is a pretty popular activity on the outskirts of Dubai. You can go sledding down large sand dunes. However, if you crave some cooler activities, you can also embark on an actual skiing adventure in the Mall of Emirates. Ski Dubai is a 22,500 square meter ski complex built inside the mall, complete with a whole series of challenges and terrains.

  1. Cool Down at Chillout Lounge

Dubai can get really hot with temperatures of 41 °C on an average. As such, after being there for a while, you’ll be craving some cool times. Good thing for you, the Chillout Lounge offers an ambient temperature of -6 °C. However, to prevent you from falling sick due to the massive temperature difference they offer plenty of warm clothes, along with hot soup, tea, and hot meals.

  1. Swing Yoga

This will be of particular interest to all the Yoga enthusiasts. Regular yoga isn’t enough for Dubai. No, they’ve crafted their own specialized version of yoga, called Swing Yoga. In it, you have to practice yoga suspended in mid-air or while tied up in knots by ropes. You can find fitness centers for Swing Yoga all across Dubai.

  1. Travel the World

Between November and April, Dubai opens up its Global Village which takes you through prime spots from the whole world, all squeezed into a single large location. There are kiosks from 30+ countries, and all of them have their own stories to tell and cuisines to sell. Furthermore, you can also be entertained by live shows from all the countries.

  1. Sleeping with the Fishes

Do you enjoy marine life? Do you like to watch fishes in their natural habitat? And do you find the sound of the sea soothing? If so, then you should get yourself a suite located underwater so that you can see fishes and aquatic life all around you as you sleep. The Atlantis Underwater Suite is one such location. You can view over 65,000 marine animals from the walls of this underwater suite. However, the cost of being there for a single night is £5,500. If that’s too much, you can also embark on a tour of the sea life from the hotel’s Lost Chambers marine water park.